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[Wednesday, March 02, 2005]

My avatar site is up, pls go have a look

Results...: "gold heart
Heart of Gold

What is Your Heart REALLY Made of?
brought to you by Quizilla"

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[Friday, February 04, 2005]

My avatar site is up, pls go have a look

[Phuture plans?]

Any future plans? as i have been terribly inspired, i have made further plans for another site. This is what i wrote in my current site:

i have been playing and messing around with my trusty photoshop cs for the long time that i couldn't update the site now, and i have been inspired by the creativity bug. I have plans to make a personal site, with graphics that were made, or manipulated. i was terribly inspired by all the elite sites with webmistresses with excellent graphic skills, and yes, it has spurred me to continue to strive for excellence. Possibly writings, when i am awfully inspired too. The other thing about intended site will be that it will not have anything to do with anime, sorry about that, but i wish to do something different this time, a space to monitor my progress over the time period of designing. i have started making abstract art only around last few weeks. inspiration has always brought me far, and this time, i would like to bring it to another level. It should be set up at around march, when school term has ended, and i have holidays, then i can fully dedicate my time to my sites.

I am currently looking for hosts, and i hope to find a good host in time to host my personal site.

bah, terribly lazy i know, but i finally got some time to breathe. Blogging at blogger has been the most uninspiring thing, its like im too busy even to update my own site, what time is there to write all about my life?

Anyway, it isn't important. Jesus is. i have never been more proud to say that i am a christian that worships God and in everything he does. Praise God.

Coming to that, the future site will be also dedicated to Jesus himself, as a reminder of the times he tided me through, and my reliance and progress over the time. With God, anything is possible.

Love him soo much.

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[Tuesday, January 25, 2005]

My avatar site is up, pls go have a look

[ Sigh. ]

Know what? my precious laptop is only coming home in March! i miss it so much already! The horrible shop said that they have run out of motherboards, and will have to get it from overseas. By the time the compatibe motherboard arrives in Singapore, it will be in March.

What am i feeling now? Should i scream? nah. How about just purely dissatisfied, and dissapointed. What promised to be a matter of a few days escalated to over a month, and now, up to three? This is just disgusting. I have nothing else to comment on that.

As a compensation, they (NEC) have decided to extend the warranty for TWO months. WOW! that's wonderful! XD . Oh, and they apologise.

Is this supposed to be ... a gift?
I thought it was their duty to do so, to apologise. Yet the way it came out sounds very much like, "you should be grateful i am extending the warranty, what's more, it's twp months!". Excuse me, the laptop came with a warranty. shouldn't it not malfunction in that time period, to prove your claim? Instead, it went to die, and the customer service was just uncommendable. Purely dissapointing. The reason i got my laptop was to use it primarily for the school projects, secondary purposes-- for entertainment. Now, i am denied of such services, that came with the expectation that a laptop (with a 5 year warranty) will bring customer satisfaction. However, in this event, not only the customer is not satisfied, unsatisfied even, now the delight is gone. To suceed as a good marketing plan and execute it, knowing and understanding what the clients wants and needs are is extremely important. However, in this case, may i safely conclude that the NEC company has failed the basic requirements for attending to the needs of this particular customer.

Verdict. Failed.

Are you still reading? I wouldn't, because i don't rant so much. especially in blogs, i hardly update, and sometimes, people you wouldn't want to will read it and give their judgements. Not that i feel strongly against those people, but it's just that some people complain to me, but they just won't learn.

not making sense already. Cue for me to go.

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[Sunday, January 16, 2005]

My avatar site is up, pls go have a look

:: Solis ::: "Xiah
Real name : Kim Joon-soo
Date of birth : January 1st, 1987
Physique : 178cm, 60kg
Place of birth : Gyeonggi Province
Blood type : B
Hobbies : Playing the piano, soccer, computer games, singing
Talents : Vocal and dance
Denim: Paper Denim or Seven"
*takes a deep breath...shriekkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

xiah is so young! he's aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! he's 17 too! ahahahahah!! 1st jan is capricorn!! wahhh..although my darn sister is also that, but ah!

see the links for capricorns::

hee hee~ im so happy he is young! i thought dbsk is over 20~ but then, who cares~~oh xiah~~
lookie at his lovely behaviour

from solid07 forums:
facts bout XIAH from his mom, he is a very good son.....

1) He tells her that he loves her and kisses her often and often puts hearts in his text msgs to her. (what a sweet boy)

2) He never really wets his bed, last time he did was when he was 6.

3) He never got in a fight with his brother

4) He wears briefs because it's 'uncomfortable' wearing boxers when he's dancing.

5) He never stands still when he's talking, he always pops and moonwalks to the bathroom.

6) He helps around a lot with the chores

7) He likes to eat chicken.

8) His mom wants her daughter-in-law to be a devoted Christian and play atleast one instrument and also to have an athletic built.

9) Him and his brother JunHo was the noisiest kids in the neighbourhood.

10) The hardest times he went through was puberty because his voice changed.

11) He was a good student.

12) He's never been spanked.

13) Her favourite present from JunSu was a hairpin and a bouquet of roses.

14) JunSu takes after his dad

15) If JunSu told her that he wanted to changed his sex, she'd support him because she always wanted a daughter.

16) She misses him the most when she's by herself.

17) He wears loose clothing when he goes to sleep.

18) She spilled hot soup on the back of his neck when he was young but never got a scar.

19) JunSu's dad named both JunSu and JunHo, JunHo was given the name JunHo because he looked more masculine and JunSu was given the name JunSu because he was prettier.

20) She first realized that JunSu wasn't a little boy when he told her, "Mom, you don't have to worry about me anymore. All your hardships are over. I'll make you happy, and the houses that you draw don't have to be drawn anymore. I'll buy you one when I earn enough money. You trust your son right? I love you mom." (if i have a son somday i really wish that he would tell me such thing........)


aaaawwww..... im so blabbling here, i don't care.. oooooh... soooo sweet!

oh lookit no. 8!! wahaha, i qualify for both, but not the atheletic built though bah. nvm~

hee hee~~~~~~~

now on shinhwa, i found some interesting stuff

you can view the complete page here

but just to be nice and make it convienient, this very funny interview will be up here too..

Q: you're diggin your booger out and you realize that a girl that you like is looking at you. what would you do?

Eric: run away as fast as i can

Andy: I'll say that i shoved it in my nostrils and cuz my finger was too itchy.

Minwoo: I'll act like i'm doing a beat-box. gotta be skillful

Dongwan: First, i'd look in a mirror, push my hair back, and start diggin my boogers even harder.

Hyesung: i'd get all flushed. uhmm... i'll carefully pull my finger out and act liek i'm scratchin da top of my nose. but if she already noticed, i'm gonna write her a letter saying that "that's not the real me..." and if she thinks i'm still dirty... i'm gonna cry (ofcourse cuz hyesung cries fast)

Junjin: I'd dig harder so i would get a nose bleed. that way she'll feel sorry for me and instead of being totally disgusted. (now that is smart!)


Q: you're walking down the streets and you see a bunch of bad guys taking away this girl that you like wallet. what would you do?

Eric: i'll say "HEY! GIVE IT BACK" and give them my wallet instead

Andy: first i'll say "give it back now!" and if they won't listen, i'll say "i'm scary... you know!" and punish them! and if the girl starts to cry, i'll say "you were very stupid... actuallu... no... i'm sorry" (what a gentlemen)

Minwoo: ah-ha! this is my chance! i don't care if there are 10 or 100 guys, if only i could steal her heart, i'd be her guardian angel. (minwoo is the sweetest of all... how sweet)

Dongwan: i'll wait so that the girl wouldn't make fun of me. then, when the guys are about to leave, i appear and i would get her wallet back for her

Hyesung: no need to say anything... just go at them and beat them up. even though i might be in an unfair situation, if i succeed in rescuing her, then it would be a "happy ending". but if i get totally beaten up and faint, she'd still think of me as a hero and another "happy ending"... but i guess there'd be a lotta pain by gettin beat up

Junjin: I'll beat them up! (guur)


Q: you go out on a meeting and your partner's the ugliest!!! what would yo do if she followed you everywhere?

Eric: act stupid, do dirty stuff, drool everywhere and dig my nose...

Andy: i'll say "hellom i'm Andy... hope you have allota fun" and hang out with her for a short while and go home. if she keeps on following me around... well then i'd act dumb!

Minwoo: i don't really care if she's ugly. as long as she has a kind heart, i would like to maker her comfortable! (aww....T_T)

Dongwan: well first of all, i'd make it the time of her life. and if she and i have the same personalit, and if she is somebody that can be moved by it, i'd love her (That's it DONGWEE!!!)

Hyesung: well i guess, i gotta stick with her since she became my partner. and if she follows me around, i'll try to persuade her not to , but is she really truely likes me, i guess i gotta live with her. cuz i like girls only like me. (that's nice too)

Junjin: i guess you can't do anyting bout it. just wait until she starts hating me (MEAN!)


Q: you wanted to show off youre girl-friend and so you take her to this luxurious restaurant. both of you have a gorgeous meal, and you're coming out, and you open your wallet and find only 500 won. what would you do?

Eric: first lead her out and follor her quietly, and if i'm caught, well i guess i gotta work there to earn the money

Andy: tell her the truth, say i'm sorry and borrow money from her

Minwoo: "how much? 55500 won?" uhh... can i borrow some money? i'll pay you back?"

Dongwan: act all sweet and say "i actually wanted to show off, but i only got 500 won in my wallet, can you please let me borrow some money?? please??? please??? (ofcourse any girl will say yes to you!)

Hyesung: call Eric up and tell him to bring money

Junjin: say that i lost my wallet and tell her to pay. and i promise her that i'll buy her next time (he always got good idea)


Q: what would you do if your friends girlfriend come to you and confesses that she likes you?

Eric: "I'm gonna tell my friend that!"

Andy: i'll ask her "hey, is something wrong?" and tell her to think abotu it. and tell my friend

Minwoo: shhhh, don't say anything... just walk away

Hyesung: i HATE betrayals, i'm gonna make her love my friend again

Junjin: see her secretly, and make her love him again. actually, before she even goes back to him, i might be majorly beaten... (hahaha)


Q: you're all happy cuz you're #1 on the chart, and one fan comes up and say "that is wrong", what would you do?

Eric: "NO... we're shinhwa"

Andy: still be happy, just act casual, don't mind her and just keep smiling (yea... that's my ANDY)

Minwoo: "Oh my... guests on stage along with us??? oh... thank you for this special moment" (a-haha... play it off cool huh?)

Dongwan: yell "THANK YOU" and run out

Hyesung: if the person's a real fan of shinhwa, he/she wouldn't do such a thing. so guess it's some other groups's fan... well, i'll tell her to go out and say that.

Junjin: "This is right!!!"


Q: you're walking in ap-ku-jung when you hear - "did you see shinhwa on t.v y/day??" - "who's shinhwa?" - "you know this group of 6 that can't sing and dance" you hear this from the girls in uniform right behind you... what would you do?

Eric: "oh jing uh... yul seh da ree... peng soon ee ga jo ah yo!" act like we're Eagle 5 (HOH.. that's not right! haha)

Andy: just smile and act like i didn't hear them (that's my AndY)

Dongwan: sing and dance so that they would be impressed (good choice too Dongwan!)

Hyesung: take them to out studio and show them how hard we practice

Junjin: if my friend's beside, i'd say "gosh... shinhwa so fione!!!" and say good stuff abotu shinhwa. and i guess they'll pay more attention to shinhwa rieet. (i'd do the same as Jinee)


Q: have you read a greece shinhwa (greek myth) or the roma shinhwa (roman myth)? anything that you liked the most? or that you remember?

Eric: uhm.. nothing really touched my heart. but that korean legend that the bear became human by eating garlice and some green thingy... ^^'

ANdy: nope, nothing at all. but andy laughed like this: HEHE HAHA HO HO

(crazy people... but cute!!!)

Minwoo: actually i never payed much attention

Hyesung: ah- i'm not so close with foreigners but i know a few... Zues, hercules, uhm... helllppp! :/

Junjin: it's very interesting... uhm long time ago there lives 6 guys... Junjin, hyesung, dongwan, minwoo andy, and eric! and they had created a legend.. hehe (that's the best one i know so far! great answer!!! SHINHWA is a legend for sure!)


Q: if the group went out on a meeting, which member would be the most popular?

Andy: i think Eric hyung. cuz he's the leader.... (then Eric syas "ANDY yah! Juss cuz i'm shinhwa's leader doesn't mean i'd be popular on a meetin)

Dongwan: Minwoo. Minwoo bright laugh would get him all the popularity (TRUE... TRUE)

Minwoo: Dongwan. He's tell funny stories and make everyone laugh

Dongwan: Andy! Girls these days like guys that are cute (Yes, that is totally true)

Shinhwa: Jujin b/c he's good looking! (That is not a lie! also true)


Q: which member is the most afraid of ghost?

Shinhwa: Hyesung. We can't choose anyone else. When he watches scary shows like "to yo mystery", he runs away, and when we start telling scary stories, he covers his ears w/ his hands and say "STOP IT"
(haha... Hyesung is so funny! now we all know who's afraid of ghost)


Q: which member seems like a playboy, and why?

Minwoo: Junjin... he's so good looking (then Minwoo laughs)

Dongwan: he has a "muht jin" look in his eyes so a lot of girls would probably follow him around. I heard a lot of girls at school are standing in line...

Junjin: waving his hands and denying what they have said "No... not at all, I don't think i seem like a playboy at all... Why is everyone being like this???")


Q: which member seems like they catch bugs the best and why?

Shinhwa: Eric, eric probably hates mosquitos the most. When he sleeps, if there's even one mosquito in the room, he won't sleep. not until he kills the mosquito. (Haha... how cute is Eric...)

Andy: Eric Hyung really hates bugs, but he's fascinated by them. I've seen him say "wow, how can they look like this??", and put the bug on a sheet of paper and burn it. Hyung!!! you're scarrie! (oh gosh Eric... yor' scaring poor Andy)


Q: who has the worst sleeping habits? (this is a funny one)

Minwoo: Eric! he has sleeping habits that a person can't have. if you talk to him, he'll answer you back. If you sing, he'll rap for you. once i did a beatbox, and he did one too. and sometimes... eric sleeps with his eyes open. (haha... Eric is really strange... haha! no wonder Andy is scared)


Q: Who would probably be the best with kids?

Junjin: Minwoo hyung, if you see him with his dog "JJANG", you'll know. (yes... i've seen it... minwoo loves his dog)

Minwoo: Jin, once my niece came over, and she said "junjin oppa took care of me"... she said he held her and talk to her. (aww... Junjin is so sweet)


Q: who trust others too much?

Hyesung: Jin. Once we hid his sun glasses and watched for his reaction. Jin was searching around the house but he didn't seem to suspect any of the members. So, i told him "we hit it, so you have an hour to find it. if you don't find it in an hour, we can't give it back to you"... anyone else would have been like "give it back now!" and would have gotten mad... but jinee searched for an hour. and after an hour.. he gave up and was sitting down, looking depressed, we saw that and we had to give him back his sunglasses and tell him that we were sorry. (aww... poor Junjin, that one long hour looking for that sun-glasses)


Q: which member can laugh and forget about anything, no matter what and can still be care-free?

Dongwan: i can never care-free... juss my laigh is care-free. pu-ha-ha!!!

Eric: Minwoo has a carefree personality. He laughes a lot too. even when he gets mad, he lets it go quickly and you makes everyone else comfortable.


Q: which member when they get mad, is so scary taht nobody else can go near him?

Eric: Andy! not enough so that nobody can go near him but when he gets mad, he's scary enough that he can't control his strength. He turns the house upside down, when he's mad, he's as strong as heracles. even if he juss hits the person next to him, it hurst enough so that you think you're gonna go flying. But once he calms down andy says in a cite voice "hyu uh ung... i'm sorry. he-he-he" (Wow, who know ANdy got that side? but then.. he turns out cute at the end)

Andy: i don't get mad unless they don't give me food! when i have to eat ramen


Q: who seem like they'd be a family man?

Eric n Minwoo: Dongwani! he's good at waching dishes.

Eric: Hyesungi... he's good at taking care of others. and he's good at arranging his things.

Dongwan: Minwoo! he's good at taking care of his friends, he's budy, so that wouldn't be easy. But when you see him calling up his friends in JunJoo (a city) frequently, then you think that late on, he'll have a nice family.


Q: which member would look the best with shaved head?

Shinhwa: Eric! the shape of his head is nice and he looks like a primitive person. hehe... juts kidding! we've seen an old picture of him when he had a shaved ead... and it looked good on him (Yes it does... Eric with no hair... nice!)


Q: which member looks good in the clothes they wear?

Minwoo: Eric, he looks good in anything he wears! i guess it's cuz his shoulders are wide and his legs are long. (of course... minwoo is short)

Eric: Andy, once on a show, we wore white suites and Andy looked good in them.


Q: who would go well with older people?

Shinhwa: ANDY!!! he's the youngest so he'd get a lot of love from older people (that is so so so true about Andy)


Q: who is the most like "hyungum" from the cartoon "unplugged boy?"

Shinhwa: Donwani, Minwoo, Hyesungi, Andy, Eric, Jinee (everyone is picking themselves... haha)


Q: which member would look the best as a girl?

Dongwan: Jinee.. he looks pretty (yes, i've seen him dress up as a girl once on this show and WHOA... so pretty)

Hyesung: we went to kang won do for an ENG shoot and we went to my uncles house. when my aunt saw Jin, she asked "is that a girl member?"... she said Jinee look soft like a girl (ah-hahah! i can imagine that! haha)


Q: who is the most stubborn?

Eric: Dongwani... once he starts getting stubborn, nobody can do anything about it. if he thinks he's right, he won't give up. but after he realizes he's wrong, he stops being stubborn and say he's sorry.


Q: who is the moma's boy?

Shinhwa: (all pointing to andy) of-course Andy...


Q: who has trouble riding scary rides?

Shinhwa: manager hyung. when we went to an amusement park, we were riding rolloer coasters. but we was riding a sing-sing car.


Q: who would be the best fighter?

Hyesung: Andy... he's strong. i've never seen him fighting w/ anyoje before but when he gets mad, he becomes as strong as heracles, so Andy would be a good fighter too. (Wow... andy comparing to Heracles?)

Eric: Jinee, he looks mild but his hands are big. so if he lets his fist fly~! ->1\2!!! our height is similair, but his hands are bigger! you should compare our hands sometimes


(this question i find so so so cute of them)
Q: you're at lotte world and there's a lot of people. a lil girl 2/3 years old starts following you around saying "DADDY", the people around you are starring thinking this is interesting, what would you do?

Eric: i'll buy her ice-cream and quietly admonish her, and then send her off. but if she keeps doing it, then i'll get mad

Dongwan: i'd call out "mom!" and follow her around (hahah... opposite)

Hyesung: i'd say "She says i'm her dad" and brag to the other people

Minwoo: i'd say "AIGO~ my daughter!" and hug her (awww... how sweet of him)

Junjin: i'd say "what's wrong? ther's you'r dad... right there!!!" and let someone else deal with her (Junjin meany!!!)

Andy: i'd say "Yay! i'm not you're dad"


Q: what would you do when you're watchin T.V with your parents and a kiss scene comes on?

Eric: i'd start doing something else

Dongwan: i'd say "news!" and change the channel, or talk to my mom about my day

Hyesung: i'd just watch

Minwoo: i'd watch my parents closely and say "mom.. you did this with dad too? huh??" (naughty Minwoo)

Junjin: i'd turn the volume on louder and try to embarass my parent

Andy: i'd say "mom, whats that??? how do you do that???


Q: who probably got hit my girls and cry when they were little?

Eric: Andy... he's the youngest

Dongwan: Hyesung, he's always got hit by girls so he dreamed of being a taekwon sonyun.

Hyesung: Junjin

Minwoo: Jinee! "are you a guy??? a girl???" *POW*! he probably so pretty that he made girls jealous and got hit a lot (hahaha... i can understand that... haha)

Junjin: Andy, he's cute. so girls probably bugged him a lot

Andy: Eric hyung, he's tough now, but when you see him when he was little, he seems like he cry a lot. when you imagine what he mist've been like back then, you get the feeling that he was probably that kind of person.


Q: who cries easily?

Eric: Hyesung. he cries when he sees sad movies

Dongwan: Jinee, he's the most sensitive

Hyesung: none... i've never seen any of them crying

Minwoo: Hyesung, he cried when he read "ahbuh ji" (father), when andy asked "Hyung, did the father die???" Hyesung ran away crying (ah-haha.. hyesung is so funny!)

Junjin: ANdy... i've never seen him crying but he's sweet, so i think he's cry easily

Andy: Hyesung hyung... when he read "ah buh ji" he cried (then andy laughed out loud)

(the above is cut and pasted from solid 07, visit there for more)

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My avatar site is up, pls go have a look

i have an idea of changing layouts again..i am terribly inspired to do lotsa stuff, which takes up alot of time.. recently, i fell sick again.. must be the lack of sleep.

oh, my site's hosted, it's at carnivalesque.net, at first, i thought it was such a long name to remember, then i thought, carnival -esque. sounds frenchish, there aint such a word, i know.

in preparation to become a better webmistress, i shall start on my language. no more missing punctuation, unless yours truly is lazy again, then pardon me, but i am going to eliminate all the blabbing talk. the past few entries were all so sloppy. i remember that most good blogs i've been to (those with a good website too) have great writing. not 'procrastination' writing. just descriptive writing. i admire some webmaster's great style of writing which injects humor in it too. i forgot the site's address already.

i have to do a crash course learning php, cgi bin, my sql, and FTP. there's plenty to learn, and i am not good at them, no. ( i know i don't do the caps in first letter of sentence, but hell.) learn learn learn. someone told me people hardly anyone goes to the net to learn anymore. Is this right? i don't know. but the things that the net has is definitely more than you need. well, i am getting lazy again, and my sentence structure is getting organised again.

refer to my earlier entry on the table. i am ENFP. oh great! look at the job opportunities! speech pathologist? when i was younger, i wanted to be a pathologist. interesting to look for the real cause of death.
HR development trainer? well, HR is important, but it will have to depend on whether i even feel like speaking on that day, lol. journalist? bah, i am on the right track after all, probably not in the interest department, but right track.
newscaster? no thanks. although i can speak, speaking too much makes me nauseous (sp?) and i might bore myself to death first.
character actor? in what sense? seiyuu? im interested.
musician/composer. what i am looking for. i love you.
artist. maybe short term.
art director. nothing to say

ah, i realise i am the kind who is a jack at all traits, but not so specialised. i probably won't go specialising until i love it alot..

that was alot of words coming from me. though on the average i can prolly type more, i don' t really feel comfortable typing so much in a blog.

did two reports. no, three yesterday. i realise writing is a whole lot simpler than doing all the practical stuff. compared to handling a camera, giving presentations, and doing web stuff, writing is actually a lot easier and faster to complete. the quality if writing, is another matter altogether. what makes it difficult is not in the writing, in fact i find it difficult to keep up with my brains on words, the tough part lies in the fact that they need editing. Editing, is another skill that is to be admired. with all my thoughts all over the place, the person who edits my work is usually screaming for help. aka me. let's not get into details already because i really want to get a drink, and save my soul from dehydration.

Hope you enjoy this piece of long essay on my crap for today. there probably will not be another long essay for sometime. i promise to inject more humor next time.

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[Friday, January 14, 2005]

My avatar site is up, pls go have a look

Well, i am terriibly inspired now.. i want to make all those lovely layouts and effects... moving on to professional levels people! ahahah.. still got a lot to learn and a lot of time needed.

sigh, i have an inkling that i won't use anime for my next next layout... maybe i will, but it will be subtle.. darn, i need to go clean my room.

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My avatar site is up, pls go have a look

SimilarMinds.com > Test Results: "

Outgoing (E) 51.43% Withdrawn (I) 48.57%
Imaginative (N) 56.76% Realistic (S) 43.24%
Emotional (F) 54.84% Intellectual (T) 45.16%
Improvised (P) 53.13% Organized (J) 46.88%
Your type is: ENFP
You are an Inspirer, possible professions include - conference planner, speech pathologist, HR development trainer, ombudsman, clergy, journalist, newscaster, career counselor, housing director, character actor, marketing consultant, musician/composer, artist, information-graphics designer, human resource manager, merchandise planner, advertising account manager, dietitian/nutritionist, speech pathologist, massage therapist, editor/art director.

::-death- Pulsing with Shinigami style at 10:05 PM::

My avatar site is up, pls go have a look

Sequences: "Your IQ on Sequences Test is 138"

ahahaha, this test is easy.. you can try it.

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[Wednesday, January 12, 2005]

My avatar site is up, pls go have a look

[Clouds in the sky]
haha, not much to talk about today, just felt like i should update my blog once in a while... i was thinking of making this blog skin have some light changes. oh i do love this skin... i wanna get hosted.. sian.. been looking at the pick-me site but i don't know if payment is needed.

oh well. listening to Weiss Kreuz Tommorrow.
Not that nice a song, considering they have a style that, the song composition is nice, but the vocals don't do them jusctice.

be going school later. Wish my laptop will come home soon.

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[Friday, January 07, 2005]

My avatar site is up, pls go have a look

I just love Asian Kung-Fu Generation and Orange Range!! Sorry if the colour sucks, my father's comp is a little colourblind, i can't see myself.

anw, speaking of these two bands. they really have cool and songs that just spell CHARACTER. i really admire those kinds. it's like ... i dont know.. im just so attracted to these songs.. not forgetting the Super Shooter by Rip Slyme..

these songs, also including the Bonnie Pink and Rie Fu kind of songs are really different.

i don't have much to write anyway.. just felt that this new revelation should be written here.. and i haven't updated much.. lack of time. really. when i get access to internet, i don't have much time to blog. and i don't really like blogging about personal life either, so mainly it's me talking about whatever i want to say. blogs are too personal. Personal experience. Hahahah. just kidding. i haven't been explioted or blackmailed or anthing.

hmm. i guess that's it for now. though i would like to apologise to the people whom i said i will link to, but failing consistently. i will link you, just a matter of when.. im so sorry..

::-death- Pulsing with Shinigami style at 10:41 PM::

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Name: Kuchiki Rukia
Birthday: 14 January
Horoscope: Capricorn

Home: Is it your concern?~~~why do you want to know?
Bloodtype: N/A (surprised?)
Job: Shinigami(In group 13)/ Tutor/ Student
Age: Ten times more than yours

Anything to do with rabbit themes, High places (no, im not suicidal) ,CHAPPIE no usagi!!
Fav food: Eggs, and Cucumber
Dislikes: Ichigo's insults, my bro
Constant headache: No fitting clothes
Theme Song: Ashley MacIsaac - "Wing-stock" from [Hi how are you today]

Physical appearance:
Eyes: Black
Skin Colour: Much fairer than Ichigo
Height: 144cm
(dont even say anything)
A light 33kg

Disclaimer: the above mentioned character is non other than a character of Bleach, named Rukia
Wish List: Jap-eng dictionary, Holidays(really long, like 1 yr plus), extra hardisk, own an established site, see jesus, be able to sing like DBSG hahah.


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